Camelid Community

Camelid CommunityCamelid Community is a group that has existed for more than 15 years. Its sole purpose is to bring together alpaca and llama owners and organizations in order to both develop materials and tools that benefit the camelid industry as a whole, and to help bridge the divide between the two industries, helping everyone to understand that we are all experiencing similar issues and should be working together. In the past, Camelid Community has developed a number of very useful brochures that are made available at no charge to alpaca and llama owners. Camelid Community is supported by a number of individuals, but also by Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA), International Camelid Institute (ICI), and several regional llama and alpaca groups. Additionally, past participation of International Lama Registry (ILR), and Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF) has been beneficial for the group.

Camelid Community has seen great success in bridging the gap between the alpaca and llama industries. This is evident through past cooperation in representing camelids at the National FFA Convention and most recently in its members’ support and encouragement of the Camelid Alerts System recently launched through a partnership of AOA, ICI, ARF, and ILR.

Information and Education

To Have a Successful Business with Alpacas and Llamas, You Must…

Camelid Community: The Llama and Alpaca World's Only National Gathering

Press Packet for Camelid Owners

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